Four generations

Four generations

Glad that we were able to celebrate this day.

It’s been a long while since I came on here last, a lot has happened in that time, the biggest and best thing was the birth of our grandson, born on 13th November 2013, unlucky for some, but not us, we were so glad to be able to celebrate his birth with all of the family including my mum who has found reserves from somewhere to keep going through her battle with cancer, to be able to pass Jasper to her was something that I will hold close forever, it was like time had gone in reverse, because it felt like the time I handed her her first grandchild. Then of course we had christmas which was wondeful, we had the priveledge of having our daughter, her partner and new baby to stay for the holidays, it is such a special thing to be able to share this time, it made the fact that our youngest daughter was absent so much easier, having your children fly the nest is so hard especially at holiday times like christmas.


Baby wrap

snuggle blanket 007

snuggle blanket 004

snuggle blanket 006

snuggle blanket 005After finding out that our eldest daughter is having a baby, I have looked at things I can make for it, yesterday via the web I found a baby wrap, it looked simple enough and came with a PDF pattern to download, putting it together was like a jigsaw it came on 8 separate pieces of A4 paper with no numbers to link, just the briefest of written links on 2 of the pieces. Well today I made it, it took me about 3 hours, most of that taken up by a sewing machine that did not want to feed the material through, to say that I am pleased with the result is an understatement, it looks fab even if I do say so myself, I even added a handmade label, that has a link to my name. My nan used to make all my dresses when I was small, I thought that it was too difficult and declined to pursue it when at school, what a mistake I made.

From mum to:-

Have had the pleasure of announcing to friends and family that my husband and I are to become grandparents, Hubby says “that he is not old enough!” “Pah” I say, old enough in my eyes, and a good one he will be too. It’s so exciting, I have had a real task in keeping it quiet for weeks now and it been excruciating, it only seems like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital, with all the neighbours in the street waiting to welcome her, roll on the next 5 + months.

Home alone

When my children were younger my husband and I would constantly tell them stories, silly stories, funny stories, any stories, but one that we used to tell them a lot, was brought about by them watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks, after the film finished they were curious as to whether beds actually could fly, and both my husband and I told them that most nights we would twist the knob on our bed and fly straight out of the window, where we proceeded to have adventure after adventure, this continued for some while until our eldest daughter accused us of leaving them home alone, yes you guessed it she had watched that film and had cottoned onto the fact that they were alone when mummy and daddy flew out of the window, she was only about 6 so I can only presume that she really truely believed that every night we flew away! Oh there were lots of times that I wish I could have done, especially as they were all light sleepers who only needed a few hours where as I could sleep for about 10 and it still wouldn’t be enough, needless to say we had to tell her it wasn’t true, then she accused us of lying, whatever we couldn’t win.

Cherished memories

Cherished memories

This morning I waved goodbye to my eldest daughter, she lives about an hour away from me but it might as well be the moon, she works, I work so time is limited, when I have holidays she is working and vice versa, so it was lovely to have her home for a couple of days, when I returned home there on the back of the sofa were all of my childrens cherished teddies, some more worn than others, all were most certainly loved, each little one comes with it’s own memories, when they were given, times that I had to hunt for them, or quickly wash them, and it makes me sad that the children are all grown up so no longer need them, but on further inspection two are missing, the photo was taken at christmas when everyone was home, today pound puppy has obviously gone with his mummy, and Chelsea bunny has gone with her mummy and I hadn’t noticed. It feels only right that they should have them, but each time I look at this picture I remember the people who are no longer with us and i’m thankful for the time we had.